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A designer who thinks “multi-disciplinary” is a buzzword and wonders why we write bios in third-person.


Welcome to;

My Digital Portfolio

This is my digital playground and portfolio website. I’m, a product designer, specializing in user experience (UX), who has great enthusiasm and passion for designing digital products and systems that make things better and touch people’s life.

What I do?

I Reserch, code, design & most importnly I reach your businiess goals

My name is Mustafa, aka Momo a UX focused designer from Aarhus, and an graduate from Aarhus Business Academy . I love listening to people and solving their problems, so much that I decided to make a career out of it. I am always ready to accept new challenges and push my limits.

I believe in learning through practical work. With that reason in mind, I began working as a freelancer after my graduation. Currently, I’m working night shifts as a machine operator. It’s a lot of fun, but the dream is still a job as a UX designer or a user researcher.On a personal not, I’m curious and interested in human behavior, psychology, rhetoric, type, business, and how that can create a cohesive visual communication to an intended audience. (PLACEHOLDER TEXT)

The process in 6 easy steps...


Defining clear goals for the project

It’s essential to understand how success looks like for your business so the project can be oriented towards the right direction.


Empathizing with your users

During the research phase I collect information about what your users do, think and feel, so better decisions can be taken throughout the project.


Ideating on digital- solutions

There are always multiple ways to solve a problem. My purpose is to find the one that benefits your users and generates the expected profit for your business.


Crafting usable and beautiful interfaces

It’s all about shaping digital products that can fit naturally with your users’ journeys while adding real value to their daily lives.


Building and testing prototypes

It’s vital to build a bridge between a proposal and a real product through functional prototypes that can be tested and improved by each iteration.


Enjoying the work process

Trust me, if you’re not having fun, you’re probably doing it wrong.



The first step is to conduct research to better understand end useres.


Use the research data to observe user needs and current problems.



Brianstorm solutions, highlight opportunitets for innovation,


Building real tactile representations of the best ideas,



Conducting tests with users and iterating based on feedback,


Documenting the final solution and putting the vision into effect
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What I can offer?

Services & skills i can offer

From graphic design to page integration, from hosting to website maintenance, from site development to SEO optimization. I find simple solutions to complex problems. I pay attention to the smallest detail, from the interface to the code.
Interested in my work?

have a project to discuss? Hit me up!

This portofolio is yet to be filled with new case studies, product desgin excercices tools and resources’. In the mean time, feel free to get in touch if you think, you and I should work together.

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